February 03, 2014

It came to our attention during the wedding show this weekend that people are still a little in the dark when it comes to Palladium. I thought i would take a moment to explain some of the finer points.

Palladium is younger than gold but has still been around as a pure metal for over 200 years. It was named after Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war back when it was discovered in the 1800's. In fact it is her image which is used as a hallmark on Palladium jewellery by a UK Assay Office and it is this which guarantees purity and status.

Palladium is much rarer than gold but is exceptional value for money. It will never tarnish and jewellery made from this metal is 95% pure. It is much lighter in weight making it excellent for larger items. As most of our wedding bands are brought by their weight it also means Palladium is less expensive compared to other metals but is still excellent quality.

Palladium is also a naturally white metal which means it will not tarnish like white gold. As with Platinum it is very durable and will withstand daily use. Palladium is the perfect choice for anyone wanting a white metal item of jewellery without the price tag.

Please feel free to ask more questions via our email or on our Facebook page. We have a wide range of palladium wedding bands and diamond set eternity and engagement rings.

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