Platinum Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy Ring

5.61 carat Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Trilogy Ring (Unheated)

Here we have a spectacular piece of jewellery, the perfect engagement ring and the best investment. This is the best Padparadscha Sapphire I have seen for sale and not as part of a gemstone collection, it was originally bought loose and has the most beautiful display of colour within the stone. Rich pink and orange it is beautifully cut  and never ceases to impress each time it is shown. 

The loose stone was handed to our superb craftsman who handmade the platinum mount (classic and stylish) which you see here as the finished ring. After the mount was made we contacted our Diamond supplier who was able to source 2 perfectly matching 0.31ct D colour, Internally Flawless Diamonds (both on IGI Antwerp Certificates stating excellence and no florescence) which were then handed to our London based setter to set. The diamonds have proven to be the most perfect accompaniment to the Sapphire.

After the ring was completed we chose one of the top gemologists in the country to certify. As expected it arrived back as containing no treatments and we were finally able to showcase the ring in the front centre of our window display. This ring lacks nothing and is quite simply "perfect".

At 5.61carats it is a substantial stone and is certificated as no heat, which means that the stone is completely natural. The Natural Sapphire Company is the best place to look if you are unsure as to the quality of this stone. We also stock other loose stones of similar standing and welcome any questions.

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