October 05, 2013

I guess i should really be writing this in the Trollbeads Heaven Uniques blog but i am eager to show everyone both collectors and those who have yet to start! The joy of Trollbeads is there Unique nature, no one has the same bracelet unless of course they wish to do so. The range of both glass and silver beads that are available is huge covering all different price points from the price group 1, £23.00 beads all the way up to 18ct gold beads which can be over £500.00 each.

When we first started selling these beads we were surprised how easy it was to start collecting and how much variety could be achieved. The standard range, as it is now called, gave lots of choice but then we were introduced to even more in the form of OOAK beads. These little glass and silver core beads were to become a new business rather than just an added collection! The designs were so different and the colour variations so amazing that they quickly became collectable and many people were battling to buy a single bead. We started selling them firstly through our little shops in Swanage and Weymouth before realising that the need was maybe nationwide. The internet business quickly started and we worked day to day trying to provide an efficient system to cope with all the eager buyers!!

As many of you know we had many a failure! There was no one selling like we did and no one had created a system that did exactly what we wanted. However, that did not stop us or our customers. The need became worldwide and our customers went from Glasgow to South Africa, Australia and America. To say we were busy was laughable! Other retailers started to sell the OOAK beads themselves and eventually it was decided that the name be changed to what we know them as today, Uniques.

There have been many changes from those early days and there have been ups and downs. We have suffered lack of supply when the beads were not available. We have battled through the website crashes and rose to many a challenge to sell you what you want. As many people know there have also been staffing changes (crazy really when you think there are only really three people who have been involved!) but, we want all our customers, new and old, to know that we are here to stay. If there are Unique Trollbeads being made you can be sure that we will be selling them! 

The days of the forum are past (sad but true) however we now have blogs and Facebook!! I love posting pictures of the new beads both standard range and Unique and love the comments. Rik is trying hard to make sure the supply is better and more continuous so that you are not left with the gaps, as you have been before. I am going to try and be everywhere!!! Ha ha ha. I am just too nosy that is my trouble. Rik will continue to list and i will be floating in the background making up bracelets and posting pictures. If there is ever anything you see that you want to buy (from the bracelet pictures) please pm me or Rik or email us and we will be in touch as soon as physically possible. Our working hours have always been a little varied, the shop is 9.30 to 5.00 but i am often known to be sneaking around Facebook up till bed time and will answer questions when i see them.

I just wanted to give you a little insight in to how we got to where we are, there are hours and hours of chat to be written but for now this is it! I want to say a huge thank you to our loyal customers who have been with us from the very start, you know who you are! I may have been absent from the "limelight" but i am still here. Lets look to a bright future full of baby pink armadillos, footprints and butterflies!!!!! Please take time to visit the Unique blog and browse through the museum, see the old beads we sold and still have a need for now. And keep Facebook open on your laptop/smart phone.